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Month Issue Focus Advertiser Bonus Editorial Due Date Ad Close
  • Oral Care
  • Confectionery Flavors
  10/10/13 11/21/13
  • Personal Care Fragrance
  • New Flavor Materials
  11/8/13 12/23/13
  • The Future of Fragrance: A WPC Preview
  • Savory Flavors (Culinary, Snack Foods)
Lead Generation 12/10/13 1/23/14
  • Bakery & Cereal Flavors
  • New Fragrance Ingredients
  1/10/14 2/20/14
  • The Future of Flavors
  • Sustainability in F&F
FEMA Annual Meeting 2/10/14 3/26/14
  • Fine Fragrance
  • Flavor & Fragrance Leaderboard Top 10
World Perfumery Congress 3/10/14 4/24/14
  • Functional & Nutritional Ingredients
  • F&F Trends
  4/10/14 5/22/14
  • Dairy Flavors
  • WPC Recap: The Future of Fragrance
  5/9/14 6/23/14
  • Natural Ingredients & Formulations
WFFC Open Dinner & IFEAT 6/10/14 7/24/14
  • R&D Innovation Issue
  • New Technologies (Ingredients, Processes)
  7/10/14 8/27/14
  • Fabric & Home Care Fragrance
  • Beverage Flavors
Lead Generation 8/8/14 9/24/14
  • Air Care Fragrance
  • Health & Wellness Flavors (Taste-active
    Compounds, Consumer-driven Innovations
  9/10/14 10/22/14

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Editorial and bonus distribution are subject to change depending on scheduling and availability.

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